Move In/Out Cleaning

South Florida's move in/out cleaning service

Move In/Out Cleaning Services for Rental/Investment Properties 

Instead of putting cleaning on your to-do list, hire a professional cleaning company. Call Fins Property Maintenance and we'll take care of it! 

  • Investment and managed properties
  • Landlords: Once your tenants have vacated the premises, It's time to get your investment property back on the market. You can feel confident knowing our team will leave it looking better than ever before.
  • If you are moving into a new residential or commercial building, you want to start off with it being as clean as possible. This is not just about surface dust, it is about a deep, thorough clean 

In other words, you want need an expert to handle the job for you and that is exactly what we are here to do.

Fins Property Maintenance is your ally, when it comes to rental cleaning services. We look forward to partnering with you and ensuring that your rental property gets the attention it wants, needs and deserves.  

Renters move in/out frequently, therefore, keeping your rental properties in good shape all the time is of the utmost importance.  Most understand the normal cleaning necessities of the bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and such.  What is missed are the minor details that make a big difference. Here are some of the areas commonly missed:


One of the most used items in the home, it is actually rarely cleaned.  Keeping it in top working order and shape means the microwave will last for years to come.  A dirty microwave is also somewhat dangerous, so keeping it clean is paramount.


The dishwasher is often overlooked, but it is a prime place for germs to grow.  Dark, damp and warm means it is the perfect breeding ground for mold. Very little turns potential renters off more quickly than mold.


Short term renters are not likely to use an oven.  This does not mean it should not be cleaned regularly. food spills can lead to smoke, odors and can be a terrible fire hazard if not maintained.


Ceiling fans still collect dust and is a home for serious allergens.  Long handled dusters work, but professional cleaning is more effective at removing the dust/allergens.


Not all renters are well-groomed or keep The property well maintained. Laundry rooms can hold smells, Pets are lovable, but they sometimes contribute to the odors. Fins Property Maintenance can remove or keep those odors minimal.  

Let Fins Property Maintenance take care of all your rental cleaning needs.  Whether it's an apartment building, a multi unit property, beach house or a single family home. Call us today!

We'll take care of it!

 Are your tenants moving in/out? Call Fins Property Maintenance today!